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Website services should be used for legal purposes only.

The above female/ male language will apply to both sexes.

It is prohibited or allowed to operate any computer application or any other means, and any software, including trawlers, ROBOTS, etc., for search, scan, copy or automatically recount content from the site.

The Company and the site management have intellectual property rights in all shows on the site, including images, descriptions, text, designs, logos, model names, methods and commercial secrets, the data on the site, including the list of products, description and product design and any other detail related to its operation.

Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market and translate any information from the site, including trademarks, images and texts, without receiving the company's permission in advance.

Do not make any commercial use of data published at the database, the list of products that appear in it or other details published therein, without the consent of the site management in advance and in writing.

The name "Sharagan" as well as the site name (Domain Name), trademark (whether registered or not) are all the company's property only. They should not be used without receiving her written and primary consent.

All literal content, icons (ICONS) Any information and/or display that appears on the site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademark, logos, including editing and presenting them on the site, are the exclusive owner of the company and the company owners.

Do not copy and use, or allow others to use, in any other way of content from the site, including other websites, electronic publications, printing publications and the like, for any other purpose.

Privacy Policy, Direct Database and Direct Monore:

The personal information that the surf / purchase / customer will be delivered to the site management as part of a purchase or added to the cart or start of entering credit information and abandoning a wagon or order and registration for the site will be subject to Sharagan's privacy policy (hereinafter: "Company"):

The Company will not provide my registration information, but in any of the cases listed below: (a) If you are required to do so under a judicial order or by law; ) ) This. Suspicion that the Registrar has committed use for the purpose of committing an illegal act and/or enabling, facilitating, assisting and/or encouraging the execution of such an act; (and) if a claim is raised or aroused by the Company suspicion that the registrar has violated which terms of the bylaws and/or any Agreement with a company and/or on its behalf; As stated and they hereby give up any such claim and/or claim.

Fill in the registration form on its details and not only Email and phone number and any other ID is the registrar's agreement that his registration details and any figure will be issued based on analysis of these details and any information about him who has arrived and/or will come to the attention of a company, will be held in one or more information database of a company or anyone on her behalf, and that this information will be done in this information Use in accordance with the following purposes: (a) for marketing, advertising, promotion and sales and its purpose to register in any way, including the direct mailing of any media you will find (including in writing, in print, phone, text message, by posim, computerized way or other means) ; (B) for the purposes of encouraging loyalty, statistical analysis and research, conducting surveys and any other online use of marketing subject; (C) for internal purposes, such as complaints and/or reviews (or reviews or reviews; And (d) for marketing and advertising mailing, including through a "cookies" (cookies. Stose use of the registrar shall not be considered as a privacy violation. Another agreed that such information shall be considered the company's property and the registrar will hereby give up any claim for the use and/or ownership of such information , Including any renunciation of any claim under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981. The Company will not be considered as a violation of privacy or impairs user privacy due to any information, as defined in the Computer Law 1995, which will be to identify or trace a user by it by Other, and which is due to the use of electronic media as a whole and computer communication in particular.

The registrar confirms that she does not have a legal obligation to provide his details and that the above information delivery is done and consent. any.

You are registered that you want to remove its details from the database, not obtain marketing or opposition information to maintain the information will notify the customer's customer service through email: , And the company will act in accordance with the provisions given to it.

 Saved on confidentiality:

Your privacy is in front of our eyes and therefore:

*Never used your personal information without your permission.

*Your credit card or pipel account payment is completely secured using an international server.

*Any information relating to the purchases made by our site will not be delivered to any third party without your pre-consent.

The Company and / or Site Management does not maintain credit card numbers or any other payment details in its computer.

The company uses the highest security standards in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information and privacy of its customers.

The company uses the leading credit card and security card company PayPlus+Visa Cal for the purpose of checking and securing the information. And these companies meet strict standards of standards and information security procedures as required by credit companies PCI Level 1.

The serious security standards that the site is intended to protect consumers, merchants and credit companies. The PCI DSS insertion significantly increases the level of security and therefore helps to cultivate the trust of online clearing users using credit cards.

The site is secured using SSL protocol, which means all the media between the browser (with the client) and the site (ie the internet server that stores the pillars) is encrypted so that the information transmitted between the browser and the site cannot be deciphered. That is, the promised 'security' is the encryption of the information.

In cases that are not in control and/or derive from the upper force, the Company will not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct caused to the client or anyone on its behalf, if information is lost or a hostile factor and/or uses it.

The Company undertakes not to use the client details listed on the Website but for the purposes of the site's operation only, and to enable the order and transfer of information to the customer.

The site management makes an effort to provide the client with a good quality and high quality. At the same time, the site management does not warrant that the site's service will not be interrupted, given in order or without interruptions, will be safely and without errors, and will be immune to unauthorized approach to the site's management computers, damages, spoilage, malfunctions or failures - including severe faults, software or lines Site Communications - with the site's management or any of its suppliers.

Website management will not be liable for any messages to be accepted or sent through the Website (including messages to be sent to customers by other users through the site services), the content of such messages or any computer file that is attached to them, the operation of any such file, its effect on the user computer and all Damage, loss, inconvenience, aggravation, etc., results, direct or indirect, which will cause a user or any third party due to or sent on site services.


Refund will only be possible in case the item price is over NIS 50.