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Terms site Sharagan

General Settings and Terms:

All terms in these Bylaws are in female language, hall, Turable to both male and female.

The company maintains the right to change the terms of the policy from time to time without the need for an advance notice.

These Bylaws will have the defined terms below: below:

The company - Sharagan, an ethnic clothing brand.

The website - the website Sharagan.com. And / or www.shragan.net

The product - the clothes or any other item that appears on the site and is offered for sale.

Product delivery time - The day of receiving the product by the customer or anyone on its behalf.

* Registered mail shipping: Up to 14 business days, depends on the Israeli mail

* Courier service: Up to 3 business days from the date of order, subject to delivery number to call

Mailing Address - The address specified as the order shipping address, at the site's order.

The ordering day - the day the credit company approved the transaction.

Business days are weekdays, Sunday to Thursday, and do not include Friday, Saturday, holiday evenings and dead.


The site serves as a virtual store for selling various clothing and fashion products.

For any question and/or clarification and/or clarification, you can contact the company's customer service directly by email info@shragan.net or by phone 03-6222944.

Site or Purchase on the Website constitutes an agreement to the provisions of the above Terms of Terms; And/or any of its executives and/or employees, with regard to the provisions and conditions of these Terms.

These By -Laws are the legal basis for invitations and browsing the site and it only regulates the relationship between the Company and the surfer on the Website and/or ordering through the Website.

Product prices on the site include VAT according to the law and are presented in the NIS and do not include shipping fees.

The Company's computer records only are the evidence of actions on the site.

The products displayed on the site are for illustration only but show the products themselves and as accurate as possible.

Inventory every updated product on the site does not warrant that all products listed on the site will be in stock at any time.

The Company does as much as it can make sure that the information presented on the site will be the most complete and accurate information but clarified that it may appear, in good faith, inaccuracies or errors and the Company will not be liable for any responsibility or related to them.

The price attack with respect to the order was published when completing the ordering process and delivery of credit information.

The site management may offer offers, benefits and discounts on the site or any other media - including phone, e -mail or text message. The site management may at any time discontinue these promotions, benefits and assumptions, replace or change them, without having to give any prior notice.

The terms of use of the Website apply to the use of the Website and the Services contained therein through any computer or other communication device (such as a mobile phone, kinds of palm computers, etc.). They also apply to the use of the Website, whether through the Internet, or through any other network or media.

When registering for the site, registration for the official inpatients of the site is offered. If the client wants to remove herself from the mailing after she has registered, she can easily do so through the link at the bottom of the mailing. The client must note that he has removed herself from the list in the event that she does not want to receive more mailing - the responsibility for removing the email from the mailing list is on the client.

The site management refers to the Instagram network tag, and other social networks- any user who does not want to present her content in the above manner is invited to contact the customer service on any media you choose, and the content of the content will be done immediately.

 Registration for the Company's website and implementation through the Website:

You can purchase products on the site after registration or without early registration.

Purchase Products will be made by a client through filling an order form appearing on the site, and delivering credit information or payment through PayPal

It will be clarified that filling all correct details is a prerequisite for the order, delivery of partial or incorrect details may delay the order shipping. In case the products will return to the company because of wrong details, the customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Care must be taken to fill in accurate and up -to -date details.

The site management will not make any use of the customer, but in accordance with the private policy of the site and the general law in this regard.

Email for an order certificate will be sent to the client after the credit and approval of the credit company.

The order details as the client's customer is appointed and the transaction registration on the Company's computers will constitute a bridal and final vision for the correctness of the operation.

Approval of the purchase action is conditional on the fact that the product does exist in the company's stock at the time the requested supply and/or the order date.

It is hereby clarified that even if it is not specified on the site that the product does not exist in stock and the product does not download from the site until the order of ordering, the company will not be obliged to sell the product as the product does not exist in the company's inventory. The buyer will have no claim and/or claim in this regard for any type of damage, between direct damage or indirect damage caused to the buyer and/or third party.

The stated in section 8 above is subject to the fact that the site management will respond to the client any amount paid if she did pay the company and/or cancel the charge if executed.

The company makes it clear that even though a particular item is presented on the site as in stock, in practice it does not exist in stock and cannot be provided - in these situations the transaction will be canceled and the client will not be claimed in connection with the amount paid to the company by the client.

The last destination for the customer's delivery at the order status will be maintained in the company's reservoir as the customer's requested destination.

It should be emphasized that the Company will be entitled not to approve a client's invitation for any reason and according to its sole discretion, if but not only for example: If at the time of registration on the Website, incorrect details were delivered if an act or omission was carried out, which violates or may harm the Website or the Site Execution, or on the sides Some third, including its clients, employees and suppliers of the site management, if the site services were used to perform an act that is invalid as to the law of the State of Israel or to allow, facilitate, assist or encourage the execution of such an act, if this terms of this agreement have been violated, the terms of one From the required documents or the terms of any other online service to offer the site, if there is a fundraising debt to the company or companies related to our people and the debt is not repaid, even though the date has passed, if the credit card the customer is blocked or restricted to use in any way.

Once the details have been delivered, the required documents have been approved and the customer's consent to the terms of use and privacy policy, the site management may, but does not have to present or send the client updates through an account or by e -mail. This includes content updates, information about its services and products, as well as the services and products of others, offers, innovations on the site, within the meaning of section 30A. The Communication Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 1982.

Once the payment information is entered on the payment page, approval will be sent by e -mail to absorb the order information. This approval does not require the site management to provide the products, and it only indicates that the order details have been absorbed by the site management.

If it turns out that the client's credit card is not valid, or the credit card company does not respect the transaction, or PayPal (or any other electronic wallet service) does not respect the charge, or that the requested product is not in stock in the company, the site management will contact the customer In order to complete the transaction or cancellation.

Pay -free account will be asked to enter the existing account information on PayPal website, or you can choose to open a PayPal account quickly. If the customer has decided to pay with PayPal account, the company can charge the payment for the products only after receiving approval from PayPal. The use and receipt of approval is subject to PayPal's terms of use and privacy policy, and not the site.