Refund policy

Cancellation of Transaction and Product Return Policy:
This section is subject to the 1981 Consumer Protection Law (hereinafter:: Law).
Inviting may cancel the order made in accordance with the rules specified in the law, it is clear that any credit will be transferred to the credit card therein The order was made only, And in accordance with the credit company's schedules.
Canceling the order before sending the product to the customer will not result in additional charge, and will be returned to the customer the funds paid for the transaction including the shipping fee. A financial credit will be given according to the law.
* In the event of cancellation of a transaction after the product is sent to the customer, the customer must send the product back to the company's offices at Yigal Mossinson 51 Tel Aviv via registered mail and after receiving goods at the company's warehouses, - a full financial credit will be provided.
It is clarified that as the shipping cost has been paid - the cost of shipping fees is deducted from the credit screen.
The credit will be provided provided that the item is returned without the use and/or defect and/or damage - and with it as it has been obtained. Shoes will only be returned with the original box. If the product is returned not as stated in this section, you will not receive the inviting (neither a financial credit nor a credit voucher).
* As you receive a defective item in its original packaging- the item will be replaced by the company without shipping costs except those paid in the original order
* The company has the exclusive discretion regarding the state of the goods recurred.
* The item can be returned - which is not used, in its original packaging, when labels are connected to the product - within 14 days it receives.
* Eligible for conditional financial credit in time of up to one month (at the latest) from the date of the credit/ PayPal transaction.
If due to stock missions, items that will not be found in the warehouse will be invited - the customer will not be charged or alternatively as required to automatically be credited, and will be sent an email to the credit.
No financial credit for non -paid items will be given for financial pay, such as promotions or gifts.
The way you return the items -The customer will send the item back to the company in shipping, at its expense by registered mail.
As the client wants to collect the item and return it to the company's offices- the charge will be NIS 50 for a double mission to restore shipping to the company's offices, and will be offset by the financial credit that sits.
Direct cards cannot be credited, so the ownership of Direct cards can replace the product with an alternative product, or will be available to them to utilize the purchase level- but you will not be able to receive a financial credit.
Products sold at discount as part of Sail and the client expressed interest in returning them- returning to up to 7 business days. The customer will receive a refund of 5% of the item value or deducted NIS 100- the cheapest of them.
*Conditional refund is contingent on the cost of the product over NIS 50.
The Company's Warranty :
A super mistake in the item description- the client may cancel the order and receive a credit but does not require the company and/or the site management.
The Company and/or Site Management and/or anyone on their behalf will not be liable and shall not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage, caused to the user and/or the user and/or inviting and/or third party, as a result of the use or purchase through the Website, which does not According to this By -Law, the cause of action which will be - including a loss of income and/or a profit prevention that will cause any reason, which the company is then reserves to cancel the specific order.
In any case, the company will not be held any responsibility that exceeds the value of the purchased product.
The Company is not responsible for the use of the customer and/or inviting not in accordance with the manufacturer and/or the Company, including the implementation of washing and/or any other use of the products. It is clarified that the client has an exclusive responsibility for reading the use and washing provisions and that the Company will not bear any payment for products for products due to failure to comply with the manufacturer's instructions.
The site's management will not be responsible for delays in the supply of items as a result of events that are not under its control, such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, faults in the computing system or telephone systems that will impair the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e -mail service.
The site management will do its best to provide quality products at the requested date. If the customer believes that the products you have purchased through the site or services have some defect, it is welcome to contact the customer service on the phone 03-6222944 Or using the email: And the company will make the most efforts to answer as soon as possible.