About the shipment

The product supply is carried out through courier companies within the time of supply as stated in these By -Laws.

The date of supply indicated on the site - 4 days is the latest date where the shipment has come out of the company's warehouses - then consider up to 72 hours of actual delivery and delivery of the product

The shipping amount will appear at the end of the ordering process under the items the customer has chosen to purchase and charge when placing the order. In the event of a payment deal, the shipping fee may be charged as part of the first payment.

In shipments using couriers, coordination will be made in advance, before delivering the order. The orders will be sent through a messenger company that provides most parts of the country within 3 business days. If these are distant localities - the Arava, Eilat, localities beyond the Green Line and Golan Heights - the company will not be able to commit to reaching up to 3 business days. If the shipping address is in the localities to which the Apostle Company does not arrive, the order will be sent to the center of the settlement/secretariat or any receipt of mail receipts as is customary in the same settlement.

 The Company cannot take responsibility for delays from the various shipping companies or supreme power that delays delivery delivery

The possibility of ordering from the site is limited to areas according to the shipping areas of the shipping company. The company may not be required to provide the service outside the distribution areas, in advance by telephone. Therefore, even if such an order was received and was taken on the site computers, the company would not have to provide it.

The above supply dates do not apply to items that have been inventory.

The order will be provided after the purchase process is completed, provided that the order absorption was made within the range of employment as they are defined on the requested product page, provided that the customer owns a valid credit card that can be charged and removed in Israel, provided that the credit card company that issued it approved the transaction made.