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Nothing like the first time always say .... welcome!

 What fun you came to my shop Sharagn,

I am Sharon Tzitz with the Sharagn brand- the leading gearbox and embroidered shirts.
I am 49 years old, happily married to a lovely husband named Epic, and mother of four children tofu tofu….


And that's my story:

In my professional, I am a law firm, who runs an active law firm, and even today represents clients in the issues of equal opportunities at work, equal wages, women's rights at work and more.
In 2002, I joined as a company for a large volunteer organization that operates in Israel and around the world called "Women's Circle" and fell in love with dedication and giving to the community.
In 2009-2010, I ran the organization as a president of the organization in Israel.
And between 2011-2012, I served as a global president of the World Organization operating in 45 countries around the world and has over 40,000 women.
I was the first Israeli to have ever been elected to a global role in the organization and it was a great honor for me and for the organization in Israel.
As part of my role as a global president, I visited many countries, and for a whole year, I acted to strengthen the organization in African countries while establishing orphanages, recruiting sponsorship and creating business entities for the benefit of the community and children who need it.
In February 2012, I went to Morocco as part of my trips to Africa - and this is ~~ I glanced, I was hurt and fell in love!
Although my roots from Morocco, and my mother born in Casablanca- until 2010 I did not visit Morocco.
As part of the visit, and in light of my familiarity with the world of design, sewing and decree- which was the center of my late grandmother's world (which sewed for me as a child, all that the opinion can imagine, including bedding, costumes, etc.) which taught me the handicrafts, design and sewing- I sewed myself at the same bigar visit, ethnic shirts and even embroidered on modern clothing items for fun, for my personal use.
When I returned to Israel, many women who saw the items I made and asked me to make a similar clothing for them.
They also fell in love with the ethnic attire style, in the same embroidered and feminine- in contemporary, tailored to our present, but maintains an ancient ethnic.
That's how my brand started… and since then it's all history!
Since then, I have traveled to Morocco dozens of times, and she has become my second home.
Today, the Sharagan brand has a unique sewn array, which consists of sectors and sewers, which under their hands are coming out for the brand modern, light and contemporary cutouts- alongside arteries, which have been engaged in Moroccan tissue for decades, and the result before you.
Why am I writing about the manufacturers of the male language? Because in Morocco work of sewing and embroidery, they are works that men specialize in years and generations, and for me only men in Morocco work. They are skilled in these works.
Why did I call the Sharagan brand? My favorite oil for use from hair oil and to cooking foods is the Aragan oil derived from nature growing in nature in Morocco (mainly in the mountains).
When I started working in Morocco and I just founded the seams, my brand was not there, but my workers who would cook with me or invite me for their homes called me the affectionate of Sharaan- because everywhere we went asked if I had an Aragan oil food, or with the Hamm ..
Today Morocco is the second home for me and for my family, we visit it frequently and love to stay in it, and I especially like to work on it.
Since 2013, I learned the Arabic language to approach the workers in seams and facilitate the design and work process.
My Sharagan, this is the hobby that has become occupied.
My Sharagan is the soul, the dream, the peace and the beauty- it is the return to sources, it is the house, it is the salsa, the hospitality, is a millions of years of culture, it is the sources, it is a source of pride and joy.
You are invited to enter our store, wander through the alleys of the ancient cities in Morocco and draw inspiration and enjoyment of brand design.
We would love to see you among our clients- Merhav you!

You are invited to love and fall in love with your Aragan