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Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo
Galavia Tokyo

Galavia Tokyo

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Moroccan Galvia | Galviat from Morocco

We make Galavia Tokyo in Morocco by hand from extremely fine cotton fabrics,

The Tokyo scarf was carefully hand-embroidered with a high quality finish.

This is not just another "Galbia" - this is a fashionable, special and flattering item of clothing for your feminine figure that you can wear for any occasion.

If you are looking for a special style jacket - you have come to the right place.

With us in Sharaghan - special capsule collections especially for you, your most special.

  • 100% pleasant cotton
  • Handmade embroidery
  • Strict cuts and suitable for the female body
  • Exact sizes - please order your size according to our table, the usual size you wear.

Moroccan Galvia | Robes from Morocco have long been a must-have item in every woman's wardrobe.

Amazing and rich embroidery in the chest details all over the upper part of the sleeves and the upper part of the back - have a little twist!

Sharagan's bras allow you maximum comfort without giving up style.

Galvia maxi in stunning black cotton fabric with special golden embroidery on the chest button

Super chic tiny sleeve for a cool look!


Shoulder width


The scope of hips

A parallel measure Eu

The length of the Galbia


The length of the mini gigabia


40 cm

96 cm

105 cm


125 cm

93-95 cm


42 cm

100 cm

110 cm


125 cm

93-95 cm


43 cm

Cm 104

115 cm


125 cm

93-95 cm


44 cm

108 cm

120 cm


125 cm

93-95 cm


45 cm

114 cm

124 cm


125 cm

93-95 cm


46 cm

117 cm

128 cm


125 cm

93-95 cm


47 cm

120 cm

130 cm


125 cm

93-95 cm

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